Ardexus MODE

Ardexus MODE is an award winning, Lotus Notes-based, methodology-driven enterprise CRM software package that redefines CRM success.

In many CRM software applications customer information is found in separate quoting tools, contact management applications, Excel lists and other places. Ardexus MODE provides a centralized Customer Knowledge Store where a copy of all pertinent information can be kept securely and retrieved on demand.

Now you can share information across departments so you can provide your customer with the best experience possible.

The sales methodology utilized in the Ardexus MODE CRM software application for Lotus Notes is based on SalesWays method.SalesWays was pioneered by Dr. Keith T. Thompson in his book, Sales Automation Done Right. This methodology has proven successful in a wide range of industry and markets. This CRM application allows roll up of sales forecasts across the sales team, or look up sales forecasts across the organization.

CRM on the move is easy with Ardexus MODE for BlackBerry. Ardexus MODE for BlackBerry is not browser-based, which makes it easier-to-use and fully compatible with all BlackBerry devices.

Ardexus MODE v. 6.0 can be integrated with your existing reporting tools, which provides the flexibility for you to use these tools to extract the data you need. Create and share reports with an easy to use reporting interface. Use it to build, save and share your reports with other users. For example users can easily keep track of their KPI statistics, including leads, qualified leads and IBOs. KPI information provides the necessary business metrics to allow users to track company performance.

Want to work on your data with Microsoft Excel? No problem, you can extract information directly, giving you the have limitless capability to dissect the data in any way you want.

Ardexus is the only Lotus Notes-based CRM vendor honored with ISM’s Top 15 CRM Small & Medium Business Software Award for seven consecutive years.

About Ardexus Inc.

Ardexus provides front office solutions that revolutionize the way small to mid-sized companies do business. Aberdeen, ISM, and The Denali Group all agree – Ardexus is an innovative company with outstanding products. Ardexus offers a full range of sales- centric software, including Ardexus MODE® – a professional suite of marketing, sales, and customer service modules. Ardexus is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.Info: