C2 CRM is a browser-based Customer Relationship Management solution developed by Clear C2, Inc.

C2 CRM is designed to help mid-sized companies improve productivity, save costs, increase sales and profits, and build strong customer relationships.

C2 CRM provides real-time information on leads, prospects and customers. It tracks which marketing initiatives are the most effective and offers the most comprehensive customer service information.

In addition to providing a 360 degree view of your customers, C2 CRM provides complete customer call history with the click of a button. Customer Service Representatives are able to help customers more efficiently resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Management can have enterprise-wide information when and where they need it with a complete set of reports and charts.

By implementing any combination of the over 30 individual C2 CRM modules and expand on them when required, specific business issues can be individually addressed. The modules span six solution sets: Relationship Management, Sales Management, Customer Service, Marketing Management, Analytics and Knowledge Management, and Utilities.

C2CRM is available on a variety of platforms including IBM system i, system p, system z and system x. C2CRM supports Operating Systems on these platforms such as Windows, OS/400 and Linux. It is available on any Microsoft Windows Server supported hardware with databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 as the reporting database and IBM Lotus Domino as the application server.

More Info:

Clear C2, Inc. is a division of Clear Technologies, Inc. Founded in 1993, strategically aligned and partially owned by IBM, focusing on delivering and publishing customer driven technology solutions, including; Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Customer Support, Marketing and Campaign Management in addition to CRM related solutions as Content Management, Customer/Partner Self Service Portals, Workflow Automation and Document Management. Accessible to everyone in the organization via the Web and offered as both an OnPremise and OnDemand (SaaS) solution. Info: http://www.c2crm.com.