Desktop Sales Office

Effective, yet low-cost and easy to use contact management and sales automation software application. With Desktop Sales Office you can track sales, oversee clients and manage your calendar, communicate and analyze results at anytime and at any location..

Desktop Sales Office is a collection of integrated programs that bring together contact management, sales automation, and even word processing for sales professionals.

Desktop Sales Office – Effective, low cost CRM softwareDesktop Sales Manager Version 7.2 tracks all the information you need for each contact or sale. .

40+ reports can be printed or shared as PDF, Word, or Excel documents.

Merge data from your contacts and deals into personalized letters, invoices, forms, labels and email. Use the Included templates or customize with optional Template Manager.

Desktop SalesOffice from Software On Sailboats features a easy to use, intuitive user style. International data such as dates, times, and currency formats are now supported.

Full documentation and tutorials are included including a 100+ page printable manual download and e-mail support. Free on-line community and forums.

Use the fully functional software for a complete test with your business, then acquire a license key online to carry on using the Desktop Sales Office software after the evaluation time period has passed. Info: Desktop Sales Office 2007 v7.2.