Exact Synergy CRM

Exact Synergy CRM by Exact Holding North America, Inc

Exact Synergy Customer Relationship Management Software aims to increase customer loyalty and retention by allowing you to work in a collaborative environment.

The main attraction of this enterprise CRM software is that it centralizes customer information in one place.

Customer data such as correspondence, transactions, activities and contact information are kept together in a single securely accessible database.

Synergy enterprise software is also able to integrate and consolidate ERP system data.

Key features:

Sales Management Tools
These set of tools aim to help sales people stay focused on revenue achievement by allowing transparency of customer accounts on a self-service basis.

Automated Workflow
The workflow functionality allows customers to make requests which get routed to the appropriate team member who can respond promptly.

Alert and Opportunity Management
This early warning system can help employees act on enquiries and ensure they are followed up on. No more lost customer queries.

Self-service Portals
These unique portals enable clients to check account status for work in process and billing details.

Lead Management and Marketing
This functionality assists employees in the management of projects and events such as scheduling, budgeting, surveying, reporting and metrics.

Exact Synergy also has Human Resource Management (HRM) capabilities such as cost-center based reporting and up-to-the moment activity report views.

Other Software from Exact includes Macola Progression Series business management software.

Exact Synergy Consultants
Consulting services are available from third party CRM consultants that can help with implementation, system upgrades, day-to-day technical support and efficiency improvements. A product manual and tutorial are also available.

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