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Looking for CRM software that does it all? Could Oncontact CRM 7 be the answer?

Oncontact CRM 7 aim to offer you an advantage over your competition with its versatile and efficient Customer Relationship Management package.

Winning several industry awards, Oncontact CRM 7 is latest CRM application brought to you by Oncontact Software who have been busy serving the mid sized market for more than ten years.

The CRM software application comes in on premise or hosted versions. What’s more, the software can be moved across various environments. CRM 7 is a totally web based CRM software application designed to integrate sales, customer service and marketing. Critical customer data is stored a one tab screen.

Oncontact CRM 7 is designed to make sense of database information helping you create, execute, manage and track campaigns. Historic records of customer and prospect interactions can be stored individually or company wide.

A comprehensive help desk module allows the tracking of client communications thus ensuring customer service excellence.

Customization and automata ion of CRM 7 can be achieved so the application aligns with company processes. The software can also be integrated with third-party applications.

Oncontact CRM uses the latest Microsoft Silverlight platform and complements the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. It works with industry-standard solutions, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Oncontact say they don’t just sell CRM software they “embrace your vision and give you the right solution to take your business to the next level”.
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